LEGO Party! James’ 4th Birthday

LEGO Party! James’ 4th Birthday

Wow…  This post is so long overdue, it’s not even funny.  With a new little person in the family it’s been hard finding time to just sit down for a couple of minutes, let alone write new posts…

Well then, this year we decided on a LEGO theme for James’ birthday.  Again, it was sooo much fun making all the decorations and planing the morning.  I only have a few pics so long as I’ve not had time to edit all the images (…that is still on my camera).  Will add them ASAP.

LEGO Party Table
A couple of the decorations were ‘recycled’ from previous years like the circle garland from the Mickey Mouse party and the flag bunting from the Circus party.  The big LEGO blocks were made from card-stock – was really easy peasy!  I also made little LEGO block boxes from card-stock that looked really cute which I found here.

Unfortunately my ‘regular’ baker had to close shop, so we used Tessa’s Bakery.  They did an amazing job!!  They also made the LEGO Men head marshmallow pops you see in the background.  They were so tasty!!!  We also had popcorn in LEGO cones.

For the water bottles and juice boxes I made paper labels to match the theme.  I also made LEGO Men heads to go on the straws.  Template for that is here.  And for the fruit kebabs I designed some LEGO flags.LEGO Party TableLEGO Fruit Kebabs
I used plain gift bags in different colors for the goody bags and just added raised circles to make them look like LEGO blocks.

The contents on the bags were a LEGO Boy or LEGO Girl mask, a LEGO coloring book, LEGO Men Crayons and some LEGO off course.  It was a mission to get the crayons to all stand up straight in the bag though…  So I lost the battle and just let them lean which ever way they wanted.

The LEGO Men Crayons were the most fun to make!  Melting crayons and pouring them into the mold…  The best part was when they were set and ready to take out.

This is all I have for now.  I will add the other images as soon as editing is done :)