James’ 2nd Birthday Party – Mickey Mouse! (Decor)

James’ 2nd Birthday Party – Mickey Mouse! (Decor)

Meeska! Mooska!  Mickey Mouse!!  What fun I had with all the Mickey Mouse decorations this year!  I decided on a black, red and yellow colour scheme and coordinated everything to match, from the balloons to the tableware.

I started with a centerpiece made from styrofoam balls, a bucket and some cut-outs done on my Pazzles digital cutter.
mickey centerpiece

On Pinterest I saw some circle garlands made from cardstock, while doing the party planning, and thought it looked just too awesome.  So, I cut out some (200) circles in different sizes, grabbed my sewing machine and sewed…  and sewed…  and sewed some more.  And this was the result:

Circle Garland
To make a couple of walls pop, I covered them with streamers.  Took a long time, but totally worth it!

I wanted to have some crafts for the kids again, not knowing what the weather was going to be like.  Just in case it was cold and miserable outside they would at least have something to do inside…  So I came up with a Mickey Mouse face puzzle where the kids had to stick Mikey’s face, eyes and tongue to his head.  (Everything cut out again with the Pazzles :)

Mickey Face CraftMickey Mouse bitsThe bottom left Mickey faces was done by the kids.  Love the ‘googly-eyed’ one! :)

We made some balloon garlands too, to hang from the ceiling.  The ones where you thread the balloons through a piece of string…  Totally worth doing at any party because it makes such a statement and looks so professional, and yet it is so easy to make.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a proper photo of them.  This one is the only one I have:

And that’s about it!  Thanks goes out to:  Meresa, Mari and Thys for helping with the decorations, Zoe for advice, Ouma Margie for preparing the snacks and Pappa Sagie for collecting important decor items and ingredients, occupying little James and overall being the best dad ever!!  Thanks to everyone that attended and made James’ day so special.  (and thank you for all the prezzies!!!  James thoroughly enjoyed opening each and every one! )  More pics of the party here.