DeerPark Café

DeerPark Café

I just wanted to share this with all you guys and gals out there with kiddies, looking for a nice place to relax.  We are always on the lookout for kid friendly places to eat or have a lekker coffee and I read about Deer Park Cafe on a friends FB page (Thanks for posing that question to your FB friends, Zoë!)  So, the other day we were feeling very adventurous and went exploring.  We ended up at Deer Park Cafe.  And my word!  I was pleasantly surprised!  At first we had trouble finding a waiter or waitress to seat us, because it was quite busy.  But we took a seat on the open couch at the far end of the café.  We were quickly helped by a lovely lady who put us on the waiting list to be seated outside (which didn’t take long at all).  The manageress, by the way, is a lovely person!  We found ourselves in this beautiful setting with lovely sunshine, beautiful views and good friends.  It was just al together lovely!  But let me show you this awesome place!

Deer Park Cafe from the road
Deer Park Cafe from the road
Inside the cafe
The outside seating area
Outside seating area
Deer Park – view from the cafe
Deer Park – view from the bottom
Deer Park Café


Although they don’t have a hundred and one items on the menu (which is actually a good thing), the food was delicious and I had the best coffee milkshake.  They have the most awesome kids menu that serves good and healthy food for little people.  This in my book is super important.
Needless to say, but little James enjoyed himself thoroughly :)  I must say, the grownups in our party had a blast too!  I can definitely recommend Deer Park Cafe.  We will definitely go there again!  and again, and again! :)

If you would like to pop in there, here’s the address:

2 Deerpark Dr W
Cape Town

021 462 6311