Paper Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Paper Hot Air Balloon Mobile

For our little Emma I wanted to make a hot air balloon mobile for her room.  I searched the net for ideas on how to make the prettiest mobile with paper…  I couldn’t find any templates I liked, so had to make them all from scratch.  This is how it turned out…

Hot Air Balloon Mobile
To make the balloons, just cut out about 8 balloons from the template below, fold them in half and stick the one half of one balloon to the other half of the next balloon with glue or double sided tape.  Remember to add the sting the balloon will hang from before you stick the last half to the first half to complete the balloon…  if that makes sense?

Same thing goes for the clouds.  Just cut out a couple, fold them in half and stick the halves together.  After all the pieces were stuck together and the balloon was complete, I added some rhinestones to add some sparkle.

Hot Air Balloon Template here
Small Cloud Template here
Big Cloud Template here

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